Our Canteen rooms are all health and safety compliant plus anti-vandal, ensuring site security.


Our Canteen rooms include the below fixtures and furniture as standard.

Our canteen containers provide the ideal eating and comfortable break space. Although they come as a standalone Canteen room we do offer bespoke containers that can be combined with toilets or offices in order to suit your needs.

Why choose Yorkshire Containers for your Canteen room?

  • Secure 5 lever locking system
  • Light, airy and clean canteen spaces
  • Water boiler and sink unit for hygiene and convenience
  • Range of canteen furniture


Sizes and Inclusions

Our Canteen rooms come in the below sizes and include the listed fixtures and furniture as standard.


10ft 20ft 32ft
1x small table 2x canteen tables 3x canteen tables
4x plastic chairs 12x plastic chairs 18 plastic chairs
Sink Sink Sink
Water boiler Water boiler Water boiler