Our Containers Help Create a Safer Working Environment During COVID-19.

It’s becoming increasingly important that construction sites ensure the protection of their staff and minimise the risk of spreading coronavirus. Yorkshire Containers are working to help get your sites back up and running whilst creating a safe working environment for you and your workforce.

In order to protect your staff and lower the risk of the virus spreading, the Government have asked that you stick to social distancing and hand washing guidelines. On large and people dense sites, you will need double the amount of space to accommodate the same amount of staff. To ensure that you keep to good hygiene standards and social distancing measures you’re asked to provide additional handwashing facilities, hand drying facilities, larger or more changing rooms, showers and welfare units.

How Can Yorkshire Containers Help?

  • Large, clean welfare units, toilets, offices and canteens
  • Toilet blocks ranging from 10ft to 16ft
  • Weekly service of your toilet block tanks
  • Sink units for hygiene compliance
  • Multi-unit order discount for all customers

By providing more welfare units and toilet blocks, as well as restricting the number of people using the facilities at any one time you can get back to work quickly whilst adhering to Government guidelines. You can see the list of guidelines here.

Our friendly team at Yorkshire containers are here to help during this time and will offer discounts to all multi-unit orders. For more information on what units and services we can offer, call us on 0113 2779199 or send us a message via our contact form.